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Jul 2016
Isaac Overcast
Jul 22 2016 07:20
@jianlizhao I found the problem with the reference file, i pm'd you the solution.
@Cycadales_twitter Hey James, I am at this conference and am giving my talk this morning, but I'll check out this problem this afternoon.
James Clugston
Jul 22 2016 08:53
@isaacovercast no worries Isaac! I tried to restart the step with the same problem.
Deren Eaton
Jul 22 2016 17:37
Heads up. There is an error in the step3 stats output. All Samples print the same stats. We're working on it.
James Clugston
Jul 22 2016 21:22
@dereneaton oh that is what was happening! I was running a population and they all were the same!