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Aug 2016
Robin Sleith
Aug 11 2016 18:44
I am also experiencing the same problem as @RobertaDamasceno on step one when I upgraded to v.0.3.25. Luckily I have reads already demultiplexed from previous runs that I have been using. 2016-08-11 17:54:36,633 pid=7192 [] ERROR IndexError(index 1000000 is out of bounds for axis 0 with size 1000000)
Deren Eaton
Aug 11 2016 18:47
Thanks @R0cknRobin_twitter , I'll look into it. I think I know how to fix the bug you are encountering in step 5 after branching. For now you will have to branch back to step 3 to avoid that issue for sure. I'll work on a fix soon though.
Deren Eaton
Aug 11 2016 20:58
*v.0.3.26 is now up with a bug fix for the demultiplexing issue.