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Sep 2016
Francisco Pina-Martins
Sep 20 2016 21:11 UTC
@isaacovercast quick question, regarding #189 :
Here is my output:
ipyrad -p params-test1.txt -s 3 -c 8 -d

  ** Enabling debug mode **

  ipyrad [v.0.3.42]
  Interactive assembly and analysis of RAD-seq data
  loading Assembly: test1
  from saved path: ~/GBS/ipyrad_0.3.41/test1.json
  local compute node: [8 cores] on Loki

  Step 3: Clustering/Mapping reads
    Skipping: All 96 selected Samples already clustered.
    (can overwrite with force argument)
Should I use the --force argument?
Or should I just start over?
Isaac Overcast
Sep 20 2016 21:21 UTC
For now you don't have to re-run step 3, because I think I know the problem, I just have to fix it. Sit tight and I'll let you know when I push the fix (or if i need to you rerun in the event that i actually don't know what's going on lol)
Francisco Pina-Martins
Sep 20 2016 21:31 UTC
Sounds good to me