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Sep 2016
Edgardo M. Ortiz
Sep 28 2016 00:32
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This message was deleted
This alias looks better, the screenshot is from a .loci file:
alias grep_dna="GREP_COLOR='1;30;41' grep --color=always -C 2 A | GREP_COLOR='1;30;42' grep --color=always -C 2 C | GREP_COLOR='1;30;43' grep --color=always -C 2 G | GREP_COLOR='1;30;46' grep --color=always -C 2 T | less -R"
Isaac Overcast
Sep 28 2016 22:24
oh dang @edgardomortiz that's super cool, i'm totally gonna use that.
@Cycadales_twitter @edgardomortiz Hmmm, that is definitely not good if crashing steps are frying previous results in the json file. It really should remember results after every step, let me look at something...
Isaac Overcast
Sep 28 2016 23:27
@Cycadales_twitter @edgardomortiz As I suspected, passing in multiple steps for the -s flag may, in some adverse conditions, not properly save the .json file. I'm adding code for the next release that will remedy this behavior. All progress will be accurately saved after every step is complete.