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Oct 2016
Oct 19 2016 19:00
Hi @dereneaton @edgardomortiz I'm having a little trouble following the chat flow here, but I think I am having a similar problem as Edgardo a couple weeks ago: losing half of my loci as duplicates. I haven't upgraded to the latest version yet, but does one of the bug fixes address that? Thanks.
Oct 19 2016 19:05
@dereneaton @edgardomortiz OK I'm figuring this out, I just saw the thread #193. I'll update and re-run.
James Clugston
Oct 19 2016 20:53
@isaacovercast @dereneaton I have a quick question with regards to the R package and Adegenet. I know the package takes STRUCTURE files which are generated by ipyrad. But which file is best to use .str file or .u.str and can I ask what the difference is?
Isaac Overcast
Oct 19 2016 22:49
@Cycadales_twitter probably u.str is better to use with structure. the u stands for unlinked, so the u.str file contains one snp per locus (randomly sampled).