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Dec 2016
James Clugston
Dec 22 2016 17:41
@isaacovercast @dereneaton Hi guys quick question. I am having some problems with the amount of missing data in the structure file. Do you have any ideas how to filter out missing data from ipyrad outputs?
Deren Eaton
Dec 22 2016 18:14

@/all Major update v.0.5.14 is now available.
New features:

  • Huge reduction in disk space usage (lots of intermediate files are now removed)
  • Populations file now supported (see docs for usage [here] (
  • Major reduction of memory usage in step 7 for large-scale assemblies
  • Slight improvement to speed of cluster aligning in step3
  • Added more notes on MPI usage to documentation.
  • Nexus output format supported

Bug fixes:

  • Avoid 'too many open files error' on API.
Deren Eaton
Dec 22 2016 19:34
v.0.5.15 is now available:
Bug fixes for two problems that could pop up in step7:
  • bug fix to "Chunk shape must not be greater than data shape in any dimension".
  • fix for vcf build chunk error "all input arrays must have the same number of dimensions".