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Dec 2016
Isaac Overcast
Dec 25 2016 16:53
@Cycadales_twitter Check out the docs for the popsfile format: This will show you an example of how to set minimum number of samples per population.
James Clugston
Dec 25 2016 19:46
@isaacovercast ok got it makes sense. Doing this by population could be a good idea. So I take it that it would be done this way? '''Ccal-15-23-8_S71_001_PairedTrim pop6
Ccal-15-23-9_S72_001_PairedTrim pop6
Ccal-15-25_S73_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-26_S74_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-28_S76_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-29_S77_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-30-R_S15_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-31_S78_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-32_S79_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-33_S80_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-34_S81_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-35_S82_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-36_S83_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-37_S84_001_PairedTrim popc
Ccal-15-38_S85_001_PairedTrim popc

pop1:5 pop2:5 pop3:5 pop4:5 pop5:5 pop6:5 popc:5'''