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Feb 2017
Feb 09 2017 14:30
@isaacovercast I dont have enough space in Dropbox, I just email them. THANKS!
Feb 09 2017 19:36
@isaacovercast @dereneaton Hello guys! is there any way to generate a vcf file with unlinked loci only (i.e. with one random snp per locus)? thanks !!
Isaac Overcast
Feb 09 2017 21:33
@natagalle There's not a way to do that right now, but it does seem useful. I made a ticket: #220
I have a small program that takes vcf files and optionally subsamples 1 random snp per locus, then creates site frequency spectra in dadi and fastsimcoal format. You could probably just borrow the parts that do the subsampling (if you're familiar at all with python):
Feb 09 2017 21:48
@isaacovercast Thank you very much!