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Feb 2017
Isaac Overcast
Feb 16 2017 18:48
@SnakeEvolution_twitter What does the ipyrad_log.txt file say? Anything informative.
@fangbohao_twitter CHROM/POS information for reference mapped reads is coming in v0.6.0 which is getting pushed to conda TODAY!
Isaac Overcast
Feb 16 2017 18:59
New Version now available: v0.6.0
LOTS of exciting new features:
  • Way way faster step 3 - aligning
  • Way way faster step 4
  • Big speed & memory improvement to step 1 - demux
  • CHR/POS info in VCF for reference data
  • 2 new param names (auto updates from older version assemblies) related to trimming edges.
  • Improved adapter filtering for paired data
Alexander McKelvy
Feb 16 2017 21:20
@isaacovercast The log file doesn't exist. I'll try the update
Alexander McKelvy
Feb 16 2017 21:53
Sorry, it was just hidden for some reason on this machine. I will re-run and report, thanks