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Mar 2017
Emily Warschefsky
Mar 07 2017 18:02
@isaacovercast @dereneaton - sorry to be a bother, but this does seem to be a bug in ipyrad's merging process. It's a bit complicated, but here goes: I merged L1 & L23 after step 5 and called the new params file L123. When I run ipyrad with this file for steps 6-7, the step 6 files s6_cluster_stats.txt, L123.clust.hdf5, and L123.tmparrs.h5 still gets written out in the old L23_consens folder, where all the L23 (but not the L1) consens files are. So, it appears that ipyrad is still running step 6 from within that folder and can't access the L1_consens folder that contains the L1 consens files. Is there a workaround that I can do for now? Can I just copy the files from the L1_consens folder into the L23_consens folder? (I really hope I don't have to rerun all 280 samples through step 3 again since it takes about 2 weeks on our HPC)