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Apr 2017
Apr 14 2017 01:40
Hi @dereneaton @isaacovercast I am currently analyzing a data set that includes both haploid and diploid (ant workers and males). I am still struggling to identify the best way to analyze such data set in ipyrad. Is there a way to analyze it together ? thanks
Deren Eaton
Apr 14 2017 02:06
@all there is a bug currently that will cause ipyrad to crash if the ipyparallel library (one of ipyrad's dependencies) is updated to v.6.1.0 (which was just released). A normal update of ipyrad will not update ipyparallel, so this should not affect you unless you are installing a new installation of ipyrad from scratch. We'll push a fix for this soon, but in the meantime you can fix the problem by installing the older version of ipyparallel with: conda install ipyparallel=5.2.
Isaac Overcast
Apr 14 2017 08:23
@congliu0514 I'm not sure there's a straightforward way to do this. You could run haploid and diploid separately through step 5 and then merge prior to step 6, not sure if it's advisable though... You would have to be careful about how you treated the data downstream though..