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Apr 2017
Bohao Fang
Apr 29 2017 07:44
@isaacovercast Hi! It seems that step 6 still runs slowly.
Screen Shot 2017-04-29 at 10.44.15 AM.png
Deren Eaton
Apr 29 2017 15:13
@fangbohao_twitter thanks, ill try to fix it ASAP.
Trying to speed up that last step too.
Apr 29 2017 15:52
Thanks a lot!! @dereneaton Our data from Ion Torrent Ampliseq should be similar to RAD-seq but the quality scoring is different. I need to convert it so pyRAD can run it from step 2 (filter). I found one software named "ClinQC" ( to help me convert the data format. Hope it can work though! Thanks again!!
Deren Eaton
Apr 29 2017 16:58
@fangbohao_twitter is your analysis for PE-data? I think the problem is restricted to paired data...
Deren Eaton
Apr 29 2017 17:13
@fangbohao_twitter also, are you using a reference?