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May 2017
May 02 2017 11:53
Hi, I'm trying to calculate how much computing power to ask an HPC to allocate to my task for optimal performance. If I have four individuals with two fq files each ranging in size from 0.8 to 2.1GB each so just over 10GB of data in total, how much processing power would be optimal? Thanks!
Isaac Overcast
May 02 2017 15:07
@susanmiller-uct With 4 individuals you could run that assembly on your laptop. If you ask for 8 cores and 32GB RAM it should run very fast.
Isaac Overcast
May 02 2017 15:34
@ivanprates #239 Made a ticket for this issue.
@edgardomortiz #240 Thanks for reporting. We'll check it out.