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May 2017
Deren Eaton
May 11 2017 11:43
Hi @natagalle, is there any more information when you run it with the -d flag? I suspect this might be a bug with the latest version. We'll look into it.
Edgardo M. Ortiz
May 11 2017 15:05
Hi @dereneaton, there is a small bug in the alleles output, it doesn't happen after every locus though:
2017-05-11 10.04.15 am.png
Edgardo M. Ortiz
May 11 2017 15:37
Produced with v0.6.20 by the way
May 11 2017 18:39
Hi @dereneaton I ran it with the -d flag and it turned out to be a problem with the populations file. It is working fine now. Thank you very much for your help!