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May 2017
May 16 2017 17:48
@isaacovercast Yeah, that is the exactly what is happening.
Isaac Overcast
May 16 2017 17:57
@LinaValencia85 Yeah, i totally see the problem and I fixed it. Give me a second to polish the changes then i'll push a new conda package.
May 16 2017 19:03
@isaacovercast cool, thanks! But does this mean that the alignment was performed in the unmerged data, or it just a bug in how the data is stored. Wondering if I have to re-run everything again :)
Deren Eaton
May 16 2017 19:11
@LinaValencia85 You're gonna want to re-run from step3 after the update.
Isaac Overcast
May 16 2017 19:54
@edgardomortiz Thanks for the heads up on the alleles file. I fixed this for the new version. Coming soon...
May 16 2017 22:21
Hi @dereneaton and @isaacovercast if I don't include a barcodes path because I am running ipyrad on demultiplexed data, but I specify the filter_adapters parameter to "2", will cutadapt still be able to search for reverse complements?