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Jun 2017
Jenny Archibald
Jun 20 2017 14:55 UTC
As additional information for my last post: I also have another tetrad run going on these data (started at the same time), as a test to see how quickly it would progress on a smaller-memory machine if I sampled many fewer quartets. It is still at 0% in the initial tree. The settings are the same as above except mem=122gb and -q 100000.
Deren Eaton
Jun 20 2017 17:52 UTC
@jenarch It looks like it is still inferring all of the possible quartets (260M!), even though it was supposed to do fewer. Must be a bug.
I'll try to take a look very soon.
Jenny Archibald
Jun 20 2017 18:34 UTC
@dereneaton Thanks! I was wondering if that was the case.