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Aug 2017
Hi @isaacovercast , @dereneaton , I am running ipyrad 0.7.8 but I keep getting "Bus error" during step 3. What does it mean?
Deren Eaton
Aug 08 2017 17:40 UTC
Hey @joqb, sorry you keep running into errors. I've never seen a bus error in ipyrad before. Can you please paste a screenshot or copy of the command/script you called and the full error that was returned. Thanks.
Bohao Fang
Aug 08 2017 18:53 UTC
@dereneaton I'm tring runing subsequent BUCKy program. The problem is when I run "b.run_mrbayes(force=True, ipyclient=ipyclient)" the nex files will be removed (deleted), so the next "b.run_mbsum(ipyclient=ipyclient)" cannot be applied.
Deren Eaton
Aug 08 2017 19:00 UTC
@fangbohao_twitter , you're right, I see the error it was a typo in the code. I'll push a fix for this soon and let you know.