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Aug 2017
Bohao Fang
Aug 10 2017 07:22
Hi @dereneaton, does the newest version (0.7.10) deal with BUCKy problem?
Aug 10 2017 10:26
@dereneaton yes I did conda list returns
pysam                     0.10.0           py27h0af7445_3    ipyrad
Bohao Fang
Aug 10 2017 11:09
Hi @dereneaton, I'm trying BUCKy in v.0.7.10, but "import ipyrad.analysis as ipa" has a problem as follow:
I also tried v.0.7.9 that "import ipyrad.analysis as ipa" is no problem.
Deren Eaton
Aug 10 2017 14:57
@fangbohao_twitter I just noticed that as well, I guess I pushed the update too quick. Will update later today.
Aug 10 2017 21:39
Sorry if I've missed it somewhere obvious, but how do I generate the output data file to use in bpp?