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Sep 2017
Sep 04 2017 17:28
@isaacovercast @dereneaton Hurray, I finally can play with the output. I was working on a filer with specific rights, I don't exactly know how and what but after moving it to a regular filer and restarting step6 with -fit finally went through. I guess I just accumulated bad luck...
Isaac Overcast
Sep 04 2017 19:04
@joqb Great news! Glad you got it working.
James Clugston
Sep 04 2017 20:54
@isaacovercast @dereneaton Hi guys I am having a problem with step 5 running on an AWS instance and taking a long time...and also using a stupid amount of space. Since running the consensus calling space has been used more then an additional 500gb of space and has been running for over 5hrs on a 64 core system with 488Gb ram. Any ideas?
Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 21.39.11.png