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Sep 2017
Sep 05 2017 01:58
Hey everybody, I noticed a problem when trying to run BPP. I'm following the cookbook, and there are no issues writing the input files and getting the analysis going. However, once the analysis is started, the mcmc and out files aren't updated. Any ideas on what may be going on here? I'm on iPyrad v. 0.7.12.
Deren Eaton
Sep 05 2017 15:15
Hey @parkbr , did you make sure to install bpp? I just added an extra warning message to the next update that will print a warning if it is not installed when you init ipa.bpp(). Otherwise, you can check for an error message by running the following:
## submit jobs to parallel engines

## if nothing is running, check the asyncs for errors. Here I print the 
## error statement from the first async result object. 
print b.asyncs[0].result()
Sep 05 2017 19:56
Hey Deren, I was finally able to get BPP to seems like it doesn't play well with larger #'s of loci. I pared my dataset down significantly and was able to get it running. Thanks!