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Oct 2017
Oct 02 2017 14:52
@dereneaton @isaacovercast Hi Deren and Isaac - Can you explain a little further what the" edge trim in s7 cuts at 4 or minsamp" and "update to gbs edge trimming, stricter filtering on partial overlapping seqs" updates entail? Do either of these address what Deren and I discussed about adding N's to the fringy tails of GBS loci (Aug 31 14:29)? Thanks!
Deren Eaton
Oct 02 2017 16:24
@toczydlowski we haven't gotten around to changing edges with regard to N versus dashes yet. It trims the edges to the the first base that is shared by at least four samples, or the minsamp value, so that you have less overhannging edges that no phylogenetically informative.
Oct 02 2017 16:31
@dereneaton Gotcha. Thanks.