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Oct 2017
Ollie White
Oct 06 2017 10:34
@isaacovercast It seems to be running fine now thank you. Just doing one at a time seemed to work
Isaac Overcast
Oct 06 2017 15:39
@eachambers This also could be a disk space issue. Are you sure there is sufficient space for the assembly? Are there quotas implemented on your system?
Oct 06 2017 19:21
@nspope I tried reinstalling both h5py and hpc5 to no avail; still getting error messages about inability to find files within my miniconda folder... @isaacovercast offhand I don't know if there's enough space. I'll investigate the quotas and let you know.
Oct 06 2017 20:54
@isaacovercast I am running denovo+reference and I have done it succesfully for various datasets, however for one of them I get the following error: ERROR KeyError("Unable to open object (Object 'ichrom' doesn't exist)"). It seems that s6 work fine for all but one sample. Any idea why his error is showing up. Thanks!