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Oct 2017
Jeff A. Johnson
Oct 11 2017 00:11
@isaacovercast Yes... I was able to install successfully on my mac desktop, but still having issues with the install on the HPC cluster. I think the issue I am having on the cluster is making sure that I use the correct env variables for the dependencies. I'll work with the local service team to resolve the issue.
Isaac Overcast
Oct 11 2017 01:45
Yeah, HPC systems have all kinds of wacky stuff going on with python environments. If you can't get the sysadmins to figure it out let me know and we'll try to fix it....
Oct 11 2017 09:45
Would like to know what would be the best way of citing ipyrad in publications .
Jean Oliveira
Oct 11 2017 13:27
@jebberson I just solved the pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound for "jupyter" by executing pip install --upgrade jupyter
Isaac Overcast
Oct 11 2017 18:13
@draheem "Eaton, D. A. R., & Overcast, I. (in prep) ipyrad: Interactive assembly and analysis of RAD-seq data sets" or you can cite the github if the journal doesn't allow "in prep" references.