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Oct 2017
Jeff A. Johnson
Oct 16 2017 15:16
@isaacovercast I think you are correct. I am working with my cluster sysadmins to solve the problem. Unfortunately, I think they may have to unmount scratch to make it happen.... so they are not rushing to address my request.
Isaac Overcast
Oct 16 2017 19:13
@jebberson Aha, yes, well I can see how they wouldn't be eager to do that. hdf5 file locking is an optional feature, I'm pretty sure there's a way to compile it with this switched off. You might do some research on how to make this work with the h5py package. That would be a way forward, but it could be a little hairy. Good luck!
Oct 16 2017 22:24
@isaacovercast Many thanks for the ipyrad citation details.