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Dec 2017
Isaac Overcast
Dec 10 2017 00:28
@DylanHCohen_twitter Does the build succeed? Error messages?
@jlblancopastor_twitter 17 hours is pretty extreme, even for 6 lanes. Demux is normally pretty quick.
Is there anything accumulating in the _fastqs directory?
Dec 10 2017 03:10
@isaacovercast it does succeed, and I do not get an error message until building the first table : IOError: File dcohen01/analysis-bpp/A00-nodata_r0.mcmc.txt does not exist
Dec 10 2017 04:55
@isaacovercast actually I think its
conda-build ipyrad/conda.recipe/bpp/ - when I try to build this I get this message about fixing permissions
Fixing permissions
patchelf: file: /rhome/dcohen01/miniconda2/conda-bld/bpp_1512879324629/_h_env_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_placehold_pla/bin/MCcoal
setting rpath to: $ORIGIN/../lib
Deren Eaton
Dec 10 2017 20:31
@NinhVu, I've never tried demultipexing that many samples simultaneously. What type of barcodes do you have? Are they dual-indexed? How many errors are you allowing in the barcodes? There may be a problem when this many barcodes are used at once and errors are allowed in barcodes, we haven't done testing of this many samples.
Isaac Overcast
Dec 10 2017 21:21
@NinhVu Often times I recommend demux'ing each lane individually and then merging all the independent assemblies prior to step 2.