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Jan 2018
Nitish Narula
Jan 24 2018 20:23
@richiehodel_twitter I had to restart step 6 since it got cancelled. I was around 80% of the way through the clustering substep and it had been running for 7 weeks (which includes steps 1 through 5; I think the first 5 steps were only a few days). I have restarted step 6 with -t set to 4 instead of the default 2 and it seems to be running faster. I have also increased the number of cores from 48 to 72. As for the memory, I am not really sure what the dataset actually used or is using. I had originally given 15 GB per core (so 720GB) but later found out that our SLURM partition caps jobs at 500GB. So when I restarted I set it to approximately 500GB. Let's see how that goes.
richie hodel
Jan 24 2018 20:29
@nitishnarula Thanks for the info, and good luck!!!
Ivan Prates
Jan 24 2018 21:20
Hi @isaacovercast , thanks for the reply!! Missing the Hickerval peeps!