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Feb 2018
Isaac Overcast
Feb 14 2018 17:33
@gissella_pineda_twitter Hi Gissella. Well, it looks like you are just out of disk space. You need to free up some disk space by deleting or moving other files to a different drive. This is pretty common because assemblies require a TON of disk space.
@gissella_pineda_twitter Say hi to Ella for me!
Gissella Pineda
Feb 14 2018 19:22
Thanks @isaacovercast . Ella says hello too!
Feb 14 2018 19:51
Hello! I've been trying to install ipyrad onto a linux machine, and I have run into some issues where it won't access the url. I've also found that I can't access the ipyrad website from any browser on the linux machine. Do you guys have any recommendations? Thanks so much!
Michael G. Campana
Feb 14 2018 20:12
Hello! Is there a simple way to determine which SNPs in an ipyrad VCF correspond to which locus in a .loci file for a reference-based assembly?