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Mar 2018
Glib Mazepa
Mar 09 2018 14:07

Hello, @isaacovercast 1. concerning the error message s3, here what the command that you suggested produces (the /clust_091_edits/ directory is 402 G, the /scratch/ is 1.6 T with quota of 5 T): vsearch v2.0.3_linux_x86_64, 503.7GB RAM, 64 cores

Unable to open file for reading (/scratch/beegfs/monthly/gmazepa/ipyrad_02_March/clust_091_edits/tmpO04PTWR1.fastq) 2. Do you think it would be useful to put a line about inability to run 2 branches simultaneously on the ipyrad website, i might be not the first/last one who encountered this problem. Thanks!