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Apr 2018
Apr 08 2018 14:34
@isaacovercast I agree with your guess, but I'm using a public hpc cluster in our institute and not administrator. So, do you know what else ways I can do to solve my problem without administrator? Because I assume that most users are also analyzing their RADseq data in public cluster of their universities or institutes so that my problem will probably be a common problem for users willing to use ipyrad in subsequent analyses. @isaacovercast and @eaton-lab , could I occupy few more minutes of yours that help me in this problem? Besides, I also find that the same problem is happened in other subsequent analyses basing on the assembly results of ipyrad, which including tetrad, structure, treemix and BPP. I only can get results following commands of RAxML and ABBA-BABA admixture inference in the Eaton & Ree (2013) single-end RAD data set.
Isaac Overcast
Apr 08 2018 16:50
@danielyao12 Which problem exactly are you referring to? If it's the most recent one you reported involving "No such file or directory", you shouldnt need admin, you just need permission to write to the directory you're working in.
@argastaldi What version of ipyrad are you running? Did you do anything unusual during the assembly process?