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Apr 2018
Chase Jalbert
Apr 20 2018 23:21 UTC
Hi @isaacovercast and @dereneaton. First - Thanks for your willingness to help and interaction on this forum. I’ve found these conversations to be very useful.
Can you think of any changes in version 0.7.23 that would mess with jobs when submitting via sbatch? Ipyrad runs on my login node but if I submit the same commands via sbatch it starts and doesn’t appear to do anything. In the past, debug has been informative, but now it’s not writing to the logfile.
Reinstalling conda and forcing older versions of ipyrad doesn’t fix it. Also, this happens to two of three users in my lab, so I imagine it’s something to do with our cluster… I have the admins looking into it but just wanted to see if you had ideas.