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Aug 2018
Isaac Overcast
Aug 03 2018 14:45 UTC
@andrew-hipp Wow! That's a big dataset. Unfortunately you've identified the bottleneck in the current implementation. This is a well known issue and we have ideas for how to fix it but haven't gotten around to coding it yet...
Andrew Hipp
Aug 03 2018 15:55 UTC
@isaacovercast Thank you, Isaac. I knew this was a bottleneck, and I wasn't sure whether you had found a workaround yet. I recall that earlier versions of pyrad didn't build the database... is there a way to circumvent this step altogether? ... Thank you for your work on this. The software is really great.
Isaac Overcast
Aug 03 2018 17:05 UTC
@andrew-hipp Thanks Andrew, glad you like it. There's not really a way around this step, nothing that doesn't involve a bunch of coding/hacking at least. Easiest to just let it do its thing. Deren and I have a good idea of how to make this go much faster, but both of us have been swamped lately so haven't been able to implement it.