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Aug 2018
Andrew Hipp
Aug 06 2018 16:38
@isaacovercast Having run a clustering for so long, can I add additional samples into the assembly and do the across-individuals clustering (step 6) without incurring the cost of rebuilding the entire database? I have my 795 individuals, and I'd like to add in about a dozen that a collaborator has; can this be done economically, or will it rebuild the database from scratch? Thank you for your thoughts! I appreciate your taking the time to address so many questions.
Isaac Overcast
Aug 06 2018 16:44
@andrew-hipp Mmm, yeah, there's not a straightforward way to do this without redoing the full step 6. I think Deren has an update of step 6 with performance improvements in the works, but I don't know where it's at in terms of closeness to being finished.
Andrew Hipp
Aug 06 2018 17:21
Okay. Thank you, @isaacovercast !