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Sep 2018
Sep 06 2018 15:30
@isaacovercast Hi Isaac, I saw that there exists the beginnings of a script to output loci for migrate; any update on that, or do you know if anyone else has a conversion script? Thanks!
Sep 06 2018 17:32
Hi @isaacovercast I have a problem, when I tried to run tetrad I got this error message: inferring 194580 quartet tree sets
host compute node: [16 cores] on mpcb023
[####################] 100% generating q-sets | 0:00:05 |
[## ] 11% initial tree | 0:00:39 |
Unknown exception encountered: EngineError(Engine
'bee99a35-ca50c1f6ff18c8103b7bb357' died while running task
warning: error during shutdown:
[Errno 3] No such process. What could be the reason? Moreover, when I put map=None like this: tet = ipa.tetrad(
mapfile=None. I can run tetrad without problem. Thus, I want to know if there are some biases by running analyze without defining the the map file. Thanks!
Isaac Overcast
Sep 06 2018 17:48
@tommydevitt Hi Tommy, this is still just an idea, i haven't moved on implementing this in a long time, and it isn't a super priority, so it could be a while.
Isaac Overcast
Sep 06 2018 20:14
@Siadjeu Engine errors like this are almost always due to resource allocation problems, such as not having enough RAM or running out of disk space.
Sep 06 2018 20:57
@isaacovercast Thanks Isaac.