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Sep 2018
James Clugston
Sep 25 2018 00:54

@isaacovercast @dereneaton Hi guys hope things are well! I have a major problem that I need help with and I think I know the answer already… I have been running a job on a system from mid-July (using Linux GUI), dataset was ezRAD for 360 samples and over 270gb of RAW data for 150 BP PE. A few weeks ago, someone decided to ignore my notices and use the system crashing the GUI of the operating system (Red Hat).

However, the clustering jobs were still working away so I thought it may not be the end of the world. But yesterday all the samples finished clustering but generated no clustering stats file and it seems that although the jobs finished ipyrad did fail. My question is there a way to resuming clustering with the generated clusters without starting from scratch? I know there was not a way in the past…if there anything that can be done?

But I need to submit my thesis at the end of November and just don’t have the time to start this again.

Thank you!