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Nov 2018
Isaac Overcast
Nov 14 2018 17:58 UTC
@solomonchak You could try rolling back openssl (ContinuumIO/docker-images#98) to a version < 1.1.1
I can't reproduce this error, it might be something to do with your hpc setup. You might try talking to the hpc admins.
@sarahjjacobs Hm, you really shouldn't have to hack the code here (though I appreciate your enthusiasm!). Are you following the latest bucky analysis notebook instructions?
I followed these with the paired-end non-overlapping simulated data (including the 'nnnn' separator, and it works fine for me.
Can you try again starting over from the unmodified alleles.loci file in the output directory and show me exactly what you're doing to get this error. (Also, fyi we do create the alleles file with phasing info, you just have to be sure to specify this in the params file before step 7, just use the * to create all output formats.
Isaac Overcast
Nov 14 2018 18:13 UTC
@solomonchak This is an issue with the new version of openssl, and it is a problem with all ipyrad installs, you just happen to be the first to report it. I will fix this soon, but a workaround is: conda install openssl=1.0.2 -f to roll back to a working version of openssl.
Nov 14 2018 21:11 UTC
Thanks @isaacovercast It's now working!
Isaac Overcast
Nov 14 2018 22:58 UTC
Temporary fix for ipyrad install: conda install -c ipyrad -c bioconda ipyrad