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Nov 2018
Bohao Fang
Nov 30 2018 20:48
Hi @isaacovercast , is there any possible to get a wrong reference position in the resulted vcf file using v.0.7.12 (or an earlier version)? I find that my resulted vcf file has a worong reference position compared with inputted reference genome. (e.g. chrI 100 in the reference is T, however in the vcf file is G.)
Isaac Overcast
Nov 30 2018 22:15
Hi @fangbohao_twitter We do have release notes on the documentation site, so you could scan these for something that seems relevant:
Easier is to just assume any problem is a result of using an old version. If you could run it with the most recent version of ipyrad and see if it's still a problem then we can go about reproducing and fixing it.