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Dec 2018
Alex Linan
Dec 09 2018 20:06
@isaacovercast When I try to run abba-baba on the large dataset (350 taxa) it gives me the error (see above) no matter what sample I used when specifying p1-p4. aa = bb.copy() aa.tests = [ {"p4": ["064_22", "065_11"], "p3": ["002_21"], "p2": ["070_03"], "p1": ["102_02"]}, ] Even if i put in a sample that I know doesn't exist. for example "p3": ["non-existentsample"] I updated ipyrad to 0.7.28 and got the same error. Also I should note in the small dataset even if I put in a sample that doesn't exist in the dataset abba-baba still runs but produces this result dstat bootmean bootstd Z ABBA BABA nloci
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