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Dec 2018
Dec 10 2018 21:23

@isaacovercast Hi Isaac, my system admins just ran an update on our HPC and now I'm getting this error:

Encountered an error (see details in ./ipyrad_log.txt) Error summary is below ------------------------------- No ipcluster instance found. This may be a problem with your installation setup, or it could be that the cluster instance isn't firing up fast enough. This most often happens on cluster nodes. One solution is to launch ipcluster by hand and then pass the `--ipcluster` flag to ipyrad. See the docs for more info:

I tried starting the ipcluster by hand, but it didn't work. Then I removed miniconda, downloaded and installed the latest miniconda and ipyrad, and installed an older version of llvmlite (0.22) which solved things last time I had trouble following an earlier system update. Any ideas of other things I might try?