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Dec 2018
Dec 31 2018 17:42
Hey @isaacovercast - can you help me with this error message? At step 7, it says:
Encountered an error (see details in ./ipyrad_log.txt)
Error summary is below -------------------------------
error in filter_stacks on chunk 0: ValueError(zero-size array to reduction operation minimum which has no identity)
Isaac Overcast
Dec 31 2018 17:49
@sandrahoffberg Where does this come up? Which part of step 7? Can you step 7 again with the -d flag and see if there's anything relevant in the ipyrad_log.txt file?
Dec 31 2018 18:05
@isaacovercast I got the same error, it is after filtering, I sent the log file in an email.
Dec 31 2018 19:06

On a different set of samples, I am getting an error at step 3. After dereplicating, the error message is:
IPyradError( Caught error while decloning 3rad data - vsearch v2.0.3_linux_x86_64, 754.6GB RAM, 24 cores

Reading file /dev/stdin

Fatal error: Invalid line 6367739 in FASTQ file: Unexpected end of file