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Jan 2019
Jan 01 02:47
Hello! I'm getting the following error: ERROR IPyradWarningExit: error in filter_stacks on chunk 0: ValueError(zero-size array to reduction operation minimum which has no identity). Can you help me?
Isaac Overcast
Jan 01 16:06
@caesantibanez Can you please give me more information about everything? What is the data like? What are your param settings? Thanks.
Jan 01 18:03
@isaacovercast Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I'm running two datasets, both with the same parameters. Datatype is paird3rad (EcoRI and claI). I used the default parameters except for the max_barcode_mismatch (=1) and the filter adapters (=2). In one dataset, I got an error that one sample is missing (I will run step 6 again), but the other one just says error in filter_stacks on chunk 0.