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Feb 2019
Isaac Overcast
Feb 08 00:08
@jhoepke Ah, yes, I've seen this before. The snp calls are accurate, its the housekeeping around the depth information that is wrong. I ran into this before, let me go back and see if I can find the info.
B Calderon
Feb 08 22:50
B Calderon
Feb 08 23:07
I have the same error message at step 7: ERROR error in filter_stacks on chunk 287123: ValueError(zero-size array to reduction operation minimum which has no identity). I've tried to solve it modifying the max_Indels_locus - dramatically = (100, 100) - as you suggest at previous posts, but I've still got the same error. And if I run again the step 7 I get this: ERROR Unable to create file (unable to lock file, errno = 11, error message = 'Resource temporarily unavailable').
ipyrad v 0.7.29, gbs data.
Could anyone help me ? :)