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Rob Kososki
The Discord channels are annoying me lately. Does anyone know of a chat medium where developers can openly criticise each other's sites without people getting all weird and "one-uppy"
hi guys
anybody good with Javascript ?
Всем привет! Я впервые здесь. Я надеюсь, что кто-нибудь поможет мне. Проблема с технологией electronjs.
Я не могу решить автообновление для платформы Mac OS.
Для autoUpdate есть несколько событий:
1) checking-for-update
2) update-available
3) download-progress
4) update-downloaded
Для win-10 все работает. Для Mac-OS 4-й пункт не работает и отображается сообщение об ошибке "could not get code signature for running application".
Проблема связана с этим https://electronjs.org/docs/tutorial/code-signing
Пробовал например от сюда инфу заюзать http://flummox-engineering.blogspot.com/2018/12/electron-builder-codesign-specified-item-could-not-be-found-in-the-keychain.html но не помогает
Может кто-то сталкивался?
Bohdan Yatsenko
Привет ребята.
Посоветуйте проверенные курсы для начинающего верстальщика (Киев)

Ищем разработчика приложений для Chrome Web Store (с возможностью дальнейшего трудоустройства)

Мы заинтересованы в долгосрочном и взаимовыгодном сотрудничестве

  • Знание js/css/html
  • Опыт работы

От нас:

  • Сдельная оплата за каждое расширение
  • Гибкий рабочий график, возможность самостоятельной организации своего рабочего дня
  • Полностью удаленная работа

Контакты: job.advex@gmail.com , @eeurm (telegram)

Nazar Broslavskyi
ребята как решить помогите) уже два дня сижу https://stackoverflow.com/questions/57971751/scrollbar-of-element-overlaps-block
Ivan Borshchov
Привет народ. Релизнул опенсорсный универсальный компонент для рисования (можно вставлять в свои проекты чтобы обрабатывать картинки/скриншоты прям на странице), GitHub, Live Demo


I have just 150 MB of data which can be splitted in to different HTML files - say 1,300 files. or text files..

I need to provide a type-ahead search to search any keyword in the 150 MB of the files and it should display beautifully with highlighted for easy navigation - previous, next and result should return less than a second. On navigating the HTML file from the search, it should highlight the same keyword in the entire HTML file...

Very simple use case...

This has to be hosted in the server as well....Offline and Server version as well..

What is the best way to achieve this?


I am trying to get the progress to the right side of the box , I added the correct css, however I cannot see it
i want a beautiful responsive HTML datatable with search for static data which works offline. Can anyone help me with a good reference?
@Zerka1982 add to the css of cardcl float:right;
Aleksandr Butenko
Привет всем, может кому встречалась така анимация или кто подскажет как сделать ?
Yuriy Yarosh
Мы переехали, если кто ещё не в курсе
Alex Cáceres Gómez
hi, anyone can help me please¿?

I would like to do some UX designs for existing web application...

When i searched for template or screen or UX desigining..

I come across Adobe XD, Invision App

Can someone let me know any open source to do this?


Hi, How to achive this svg triangle polygon like this
Actually im stuck scaleing, making it responsive and also want it to stay on the end fixed

Hey guys. I have a problem connected with "vuex-map-fields". Same problem with "vuex-pathify". I want the second option to work for me, which can be seen in the screenshot. But I can only make it work with the first option, what can I do? Thanks.


an yone here
kto to yest ?
Hello! Does anyone has an idea to get the Id with JavaScript? domain.com/test/62727
why are you sending the link ?
Are you a hacker ?
Guys, be careful. Don't click on the link sent by Darvinschl

Suggestion of 10 (TEN) crucial items for developing web application 2020

Could someone suggest the best tool/framework for small or medium size or enterprise web application for 2020 - 10 to 1000 users and millions of records

#1 - Best Unit test case framework

#2 - Best NoSQL Database

#3 - Best Relation Database

#4 - Best Synchronous Framework

#5 - Best Asychronous Framework

#6 - Best Front-End Framework (Active Development, Max Support)

#7 - Best Debugging Tool

#8 - Best Performance Tuning Tool

#9 - Best Code Coverage Tool

#10 - Best DB migration tool (ex: flyway)


For anyone who's interested I recently wrote an RGB/HEX/HSL/XYZ/LAB/LCHab color converter: https://github.com/vinaypillai/ac-colors
Is server-side rendering of HTML and sending HTML response is the best practice or making the front-end to manipulate the data ???

zrn is it good idea to do hamburger navigation with details tag?

details tag is basically a hamburger already, but i cant find anyone who use it like that.

Is it bad for accessibility?

using display: none; would allow to hide ul or details when needed.

    <li><a href="/html/">HTML</a></li>
    <li><a href="/css/">CSS</a></li>
    <li><a href="/js/">JavaScript</a></li>
    <a href="/html/">HTML</a>
    <a href="/css/">CSS</a>
    <a href="/js/">JavaScript</a>

or maybe even keep only open details and hide summary button in fullscreen version


Hi All, I started Learning React.js half a year ago.
during the quarantine i started a new project building a YouTube clone.

I learn a lot from this project and i am proud of it.

If you find this project interesting show your love by staring, forking, and creating issues.

github repo: https://github.com/larbisahli/youtube-clone-spa
Working Prototype: https://youtube-klonos.netlify.app

Note: you will need a YouTube v3 api key (you can get it from google api).

This junior will love to hear your opinion.

How to create an HTML file which works locally without internet to image to text ? Ex: https://omed.hplar.ch/webocr/ and https://golb.hplar.ch/2019/07/ocr-with-tesseractjs.html
zrn i guess to make that work u ll have to use js as well
The HTML https://pastebin.com/z8q5cavm works fine without any issues. However it always plays serm.mp3 instead of the mp3 given in the href link in the datatable. How to pass the value to the model ?? How to pass the src via the datatable link ?? so that mp3 plays in the player. Currently it plays always the serm.mp3 which is hard-coded.
I want to know how can i put a responsive svg background image?
Hi people, I look for partner on www.docduo.fr, it is a marketing web platform for pdf documents. Here is an example of the latest (not in production) version of our reader: https://e.docduo.fr/v2/e5136117-2787-4959-91a2-7dd35d742cf0/?p=0 Join us!
Hi guys
anybody here?
fachiquito Hi, i'm havin a litle trouble to confing a simple contact form on a single page website that i'm codin. I have all the code on a condepen page, can any one take a look and helpme config this?
fachiquito Here you see a js file its actually a php that i try to code

Hi everyone!
I've finished the first version of my Rockpack project.

It provides you to create a React application skeleton in the create-react-app style.

The goal usage is to reduce the time to setup the project from weeks to 5 minutes.

Consists of modules: compiler (webpack + the best loaders, plugins, best practices), codestyle (ESLint + The best rules), tester (Jest + optimizations, extensions) and etc.

The main difference from create-react-app is support for different types of applications:

  • Single Page Application (SPA)
  • Server-Side Render
  • Server-Side Render + Redux + Sagas+ React-Router + Project Structure
  • UMD library or React Component
  • Nodejs application

Updating and extending webpack.config without "eject".
TS or Babel to choose from.

I hope this will be useful for your work. Check it out, please!


hi there can anyone help me with this code?
Yuriy Yarosh
@bener07 this channel is mostly dead nowadays, you should try Frontend UA channel instead.
na too much work