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Marco Silvestroni
@abhigk I'used react-responsive -carousel that's great https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-responsive-carousel
Suraj Gupta
Hello I need some help regarding react component, can anyone give me some kisckstart about how can I use react component in plain html pages, I have created a sample component using this - https://neutrinojs.org/packages/react-components/
Dinesh Kumar
I need some help with react build
I had my react app using npm run build
but when I deployed it to s3 and I open it in my browser I am able to see all my folder structure of components and even the code .
Can someone suggest me with a good and secure practice for building a react app
ULEARN - LMS script built on Laravel 5.8 and React JS 16.4
  • An application similar to udemy with all the basic features that needed for Learning Management System(LMS), which is completely available as an open source at GitHub.
Dinesh Kumar
@ulearnpro I guess you should further work on your website most of the things either non functional or they have sample data :)
@Dinesh5799 I am posting only the script and it won't have original course contents..
Anyone plans to host a LMS, they can use this script and upload their own courses..
Being an open source project, it have covered all the basic features as much as possible..
Could you list the functions, that doesn't work..
Dinesh Kumar
Sorry @ulearnpro I was not aware that it was an open source script. In that case it's good to go.
Thanks @Dinesh5799
hi there! I have an react app built by someone else. I get an error on oauth0. how to debug it? any tips?
i mean what can i use for debugging such issues? never done it before
Hi guys !
hi everyone
when making a laravel app with react as front end is it better to use react router or laravel routes?
Jon R. Humphrey
Hi guys
anyone knows about the internals of the ReactJS debugging?
is it always using source maps underlying?
or does it work based on some other mechanism?
sreejith G K
i need to host my profile website with free.
Omid Nikrah
Hi :v:, I make an application that can help you to calculate your working time If you are remote or hourly paid worker.
I would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions.
Haritz Aryandra Gits
hi omid
is the apps ready run?
How to create the following application using react js + local storage or browser storage or portable storage + platform independent + full text search + type-ahead + number of hits before search + easy navigation + highlight of text in the found sentences + continue reading
basically want to develop similar to http://table.branham.org/#/en/main which has the following features
  1. number of hits required, since the user will narrow down the results when the results are higher
  2. showing results - has to be highlighted
  3. on selection of the highlighted paragraph entire text should be previewed or continued
    can someone please help me with a demo app or sample app or comments ???
Javier Pons
Hi guys!
Javier Pons
Help or Any vision for this task:
I have a button in front page. When clicked open link (<Link to="somewhere"/>) to a new page with a button that when on clicked list data. Now I want that when clicked the button from the Front page link to new page and display the data, jumping/taken away the second button. How I can do it?
Bradley Turner
So react-dom's render method seems to delete elements inside the div to be rendered into. Is there any way to have it just append the react component?
how to build a search application using https://github.com/ndx-search ????
Brian Ruff
What is the difference between Markdown vs Docx vs HTML files?
Mel Macaluso
anyone with some OKTA / React experience to give a poor fella a hand?

When i declare a column as varchar(2) - assume my input is ab - only 2 characters are allowed. When i try to insert one more character it throws error.

When i declare a column as varchar(4) - assume my input is abcd - only 4 characters are allowed. When i try to insert one more character it throws error.

When i declare a column as varchar(255) - however i can able to input abcdabcdabcd...more than 255 characters

I don't understand how many alphabetical small case characters a varchar(255) can hold. if it can hold many...why the same is not applicable for varchar(2) or varchar(4)

Frank He
A nice collection of often useful examples done in React.js https://reactjsexample.com/
i have 5,000 html static pages and looking for a open source search engine or plugin which does type-ahead search, easy navigation, preview etc...Please suggest anything....
Where can I find various source codes to dabble with
Like a website full of links to ReactJS open source codes that I can play/manipulate etc.
Arun Gopalpuri
anyone using https://github.com/gcanti/io-ts? I'm trying to decode to a different name e.g. json has 'payment-due' and object has paymentDue. How can i specify this mapping?
Jason Stokes
Hey just created a new platform to help developers find jobs. Sign up for an account @ www.quirkycoders.com so that employers can find you.
Charles Vigneault

Hi, I just started to learn React and while learning HOC I tried first to find a solution to the problem without reading how to do it with HOC and came with a solution using cloneElement and this.props.children instead. I found a thread on StackOverFlow from 2016 talking about both solutions but I was wondering if in 2019 React community found problems with one or another solution (Which one is best practice).

const HOC = ComposedComponent => class extends React.Component {

    ... lifecycle, state, etc;...

    render() {
      return (<ComposedComponent {...this.state} />);



class ParentComponent extends React.Component {

    ... lifecycle, state, etc;...

    render() {
      return (
          {React.cloneElement(this.props.children, { ...this.state })}  


Simple UI with text highlighting sample or template.

Can you please kindly help me with a simple UI template with text highlighting?

Similar like http://table.branham.org/#/main


hi i am new to react and i am trying to understand, i understand that react fetches data via ajax requests which does not require a page reload , however i see plenty of websites using react but still reload the page for some requests , why would that be necessary if it can always be done through an ajax request ?
Thomas Mørch
anyone that have used mqtt in a react app written in typescript?
Hi Guys, I am new to react. I mentioned my code in stackblitz
"https://stackblitz.com/edit/react-ztkuw4" . I tried to delete the card from the class component. But, I can't. Can anyone to figure out my mistakes?

After huge research, i am planning to go with JavaScript Search engine with Angular/Vue.js/Meteor/React as front-end

Choice of javascript client side storage is below

1) IndexedDB
2) JScene
3) LargeLocalStorage
4) ydn db
5) PouchDB

Links for reference


Please kindly suggest which one to go...

Basically have a cross platform system which accepts huge files and finally does a full text search...

In this way, the user just needs the browser no installation is required......

Mohsin Habiya
Hey guys! im relatively new to react with only 8 months of pro experience under my belt. anyways, im kinda stuck with the demands of a client. the client needs to have a visible image that changes parts of it's elements in terms or shape, size or color when they select an option from multiple dropdown menus. Something like customizing the exterior paint color on a Porsche website. I'm not really sure what to look for to help me out and am kinda lost here, can anyone recommend me a good library or a video that can help me solve this?
Can i use https://jio.nexedi.com/ for my requirement..Please let me know your comments..
Can someone please help me with your valuable feedback about https://jio.nexedi.com/ ???? Planning to build a full text static search engine for the given files....