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Hi, how to set responsive logo in android splash screen in react-native-splash-screen?
how to add pan control in react-pdf
Hi, how to make a Header that Animates from Transparent to Opaque Color on Scrolling down in React-Native React Navigation 5?
Hey out there
Any networking peops in the house?
Hi, how to Animate Color of Header Back Button in React Native React Navigation 5?
Hi, is there anybody available to work with me on
it's close to commercialisation! Use React & many other things
@nsonhouse Yes!
(it's not on production!)
@BenoitTallandier good job!!!
Hi all
How are you?
I am a React Developer
hi i am new to react and i am dealing with an error
load(id, options = {}, raw = true) {
if (id) {
try {
if (!raw)
id = formatID(this._resource, id);
            const {
                useLiveDB = false,
                ...dbOptions = {}
            } = options;

            return this.readDB(useLiveDB).get(id, dbOptions).then(({ _id, }) => {
                this._id = _id;
                return Promise.resolve(this._data = data);
            }).catch((error) => {
                if (useLiveDB && error.status === 0 && === "unknown") {
                    this.liveDBOffline = true;
                    return this.load(id, dbOptions, true);
                    throw error;
        catch (err) {
            console.error("model catch", err);
            return Promise.reject(err);
        return Promise.reject(new Error(`No document "id" provided to load the data.`));
Hi i have a question about automated UI testing of a complex react app. The test scenarios are, that a user A would initiate a operation from one UI and another user B will do some action on a separate UI based on the operation of user A. Is there a UI test framework for handling interactions between multiple UIs
Слава Україні
Товариство, є питаннячко
коли у функціональному компоненті юзаю useEffect(() => console.log(1), [])
падає помилка
TypeError: instance.componentDidMount is not a function
хтось знає як позбутися
Hello guys, anybody here ?
Could you please check the following code
6 replies
Why I can't se the form displayed when I click on Sign up button ?
Is there anything wrong with my code ?
проблему вирішено. Це я так перероблював класові компоненти в функціональні і залишив return (render() return) )))
ok thanks!
I am interested in building Sign up form using JavaScript instead of HTML
1 reply
@KiT-Maverik thanks Bro!
Jon R. Humphrey

The issue you’re having is you’re not changing the display in the css from none to block with either CSS OR JS:

.tab-content > div:last-child {
display: none;

Add an event listener to the button or add the style update to the method you’re trying to use to populate the container
To charge the display prop from none to block
(Sorry for formatting, typing on a phone!)
Sampath Bandla
I want small help
hi, guys. I faced the issue. Do you mind help me? I have a dropdown list, each item - html button element. keyboard scroll doesn't work using -> ; working just mouse scroll. I have tried btn.ref.current.scrollIntoView(), but it's not working properly. It's scrolls to end of the list, not to current item. And current item not focused
Jon R. Humphrey
Kristina, have you set the Boolean opt to true in order to scroll to it? First, attach an event listener to the click event of the drop down list.
Then, scroll the list item into the viewport by calling the el.scrollIntoView(true) method in the click event handler.
Code sandboxes are great when you need to show an example of what you’re trying to do!
hello guys
i need to find some tool that fetches a requests and displays the response somehow visually
is there any tutorial, template or example one can throw against me?