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Jan 2016
Ingvar Stepanyan
Jan 16 2016 01:58

більшість моїх знайомих мають або стандартні ноутівські 1400*900, або фул-хд)

чувак, "більшість моїх знайомих" абсолютно нерепрезентативна вибірка (хіба що тільки ці твої знайомі і будуть юзати твій продукт)

Jan 16 2016 07:26
has anyone tried to use react with a team dedicated to html and css?
I dont mean to be mean but wtf .. i can seriously imagine someone being piss drunk and then writing up reactjs
Its fast yeah .. but there is so little abstraction between DOM the style and the core code .. i feel like maybe i dont understand this framework properly .. anyone have any n00b references
Aleh Kashnikau
Jan 16 2016 08:04
ребят, продолжу свой вопрос про сеты ui компонент. Вчера посоветовали grommet, а что на счет belle? Качество кода, api, стабильность, приятность в использовании
Jan 16 2016 08:22
@4tron just pick up literally first react tutorial you'll see and begin to write code
Jake Chapman
Jan 16 2016 12:45
Hey everyone, I can't seem to figure this out. I'm still fairly new to React.
I have a my initial state { categoryIdFilter: "" }
I have my select tag with the value prop passed to it with this.state.categoryIdFilter
I have my handler onChange and inside of that I'm setState({ categoryIdFIlter: });
but it's always 1 value behind whenever I change the select to a different category.
I've tried stuff for about 2 hours now, no stackoverflow questions have helped at all... any ideas as to what I could be doing wrong?
what's wierd is that when I console.log( it's the correct value it should and then console.log(this.state.categoryIdFilter) after I set state. It's the previous option that was just moved away from.
@4tron, check out Wes Bos' tutorial
as well as eggheads intro video courses
then just start building something
Jan 16 2016 12:52
@imjakechapman paste exact code here or to gist.github if it's larger than screen