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Using Axios to interface a .net API (backend). I want to make a checkbox for testers, which (if checked) will intercept and change any HTTP responses to, say, 500 errors. This is to test the error handling in the frontend. Is there any way to "create" a fake error object -- and I don't mean within a test context
I have something like this in mind: Store the checkbox value (boolean) in "global state", and have the Axios client.js check this and create some mock 500 mock error object in return. This way, the frontend services and the components "using" these (SWR) will respond properly
How to load large database so that entire database does not load on one page and our app is run well in React js
Mario Iliev
Hey guys. Recently I published easy to use but also flexible global state manager. Removes all the hustle from Redux based state managers.
I really hope it'll be useful to you!
Gaurav Gupta
Gus, I've been working on React and built a WhatsApp Web clone. Checkout the demo here - https://whatsapp-clone-36b61.web.app/
If you have any suggestions or you liked it or want to contribute then checkout the GitHub repo here - https://github.com/gauravgupta98/whatsapp-clone
Don't be lazy to give a star ;)
Jason Chong

Hey guys, I have a question. I have a component that is rendering 6 objects from Firebase. And when I click on the object, it renders multiple checkbox items and they have a price attached to it. But the problem is I want to get the total price of the checkboxes for each of the 6 objects.

The problem is because the rendered component (with checkboxes) is dynamic, how do I set the state for the total price for each of the 6 components?

Jason Chong
So basically I have a parent component that renders items from Firebase. Then when I click in each individual object, it renders the child component which have multiple checkboxes generated from Firebase too. The checkboxes have a price label and I need to get the total price of the checked boxes.
Jason Chong

Okay, so what I have is a parent component called A and a child component called B. What A does is list a list of Products Categories (retrieved from Firebase) which are each clickable. Then I have child component B. It is shown when one of the product category is clicked. So component B appears over component A when a product category is clicked.

When you click on a product category in component A, a list of of product for that category is listed (from Firebase) along with checkboxes next to them. When I click on the checkboxes, it should sum the prices of the products and display the sum on top of the component B and A. So I want each product category to have the total price displayed next to them.

The issue I am having is how do I display the total price for each product category based on the checkboxes in component B? What is the best approach to this?

PS: I am using functional component

I have get error with React. I need help.
Baruch Yochai

Hi Everyone,

Error: Couldn't find a style target. How to fix it?

I had a CSR app and now implemented Server-Side Rendering (SSR) with React, and get this error

Error: Couldn't find a style target. This probably means that the value for the 'insert' parameter is invalid

Get this error when I run the server and try to access the page.
Tech sack in use: nodejs, reactjs, antdesign, babel and webpack.
I already tried a lot of solutions from StackOverflow and other sources, nothing helped! Please, help me to solve it.

Thank you!

1 reply
Hi all... does anyone have recomendations about any free React Package for developing a chat app? Any that you have already used and liked perhaps?
Hi all :) I need an awesome free open source treegrid lib like https://www.ag-grid.com/react-grid/tree-data/ any ideas ?
Can anybody please help me where is my mistake? Thanks in Advanced for your kind help.
@oedemis why do you need one like it? i am just curious why not use it
Jason Chong
Hey guys, I have a question about react. How do I save state in Firebase and prevent deleting when the state goes back to it's initial state?

I have an application where I have a form where the input are stored in a state. So let's say const [firstName, setFirstName] = useState(''). But I want to store the input of the user in Firebase and when user refreshes the website, I want the state to not go back to it's initial state.

What I did at the moment is:

useEffect(() => {

var firstNameRef = firebase.database().ref(...);
{firstName: firstName;

}, [firstName])

However, this will reset the data back to empty if I refresh the page. I just want it to stay to the input the user and not remove anything. My goal to this is that I want persist the state from the database. So if a user want to put their name in the input and they refresh the page, I want the input to still be there. I cannot use the web localStorage because I have lots of users and it would be too much for the localStorage.

hi @all I wanna create a react ui library from scratch, is create-react-library a good option, please help me to start the coding
@mph-code because its not free :)
Jake Dibbert
hello everyone
I could really use some help with making a single component that uses information from my mongodb api and shows the item the user clicks on without having to make components for each page
Gaurav Gupta
Guys, I've been working on React and built a Instagram clone. Checkout the demo here - https://instagram-clone-a159b.web.app/
If you have any suggestions or you liked it or want to contribute then checkout the GitHub repo here - https://github.com/gauravgupta98/instagram-clone
Don't be lazy to give a star on the repo ;)
Jason Chong

Hey guys I have a list of checked I map through.

So I have a useState:
const [checkState, setCheckState] = useState({});

then my check handler:

const handleCheck = (e) => {
   if (e.target.checked) {
        [e.target.name]: e.target.checked,

Then I have my JSX:

{subImage?.map((item) => {
    return (
          <Checkbox checked={               
                       floorPlanChecked['floorplan' + 
        value={'floorplan' + item.key}
        name={'floorplan' + item.key}

The problem I have is it is not toggling properly, and it does not show up on first toggle. How do I fix it? This is made with Material UI

I have a formGroup as below. and have 2 fields inside it. and there is a button. when I click on the button I want to set 2 fields values programmatically . How can I do that.
both the fields val has props values.
<FormGroup className={className}>
<Field component={FormField} name="latitude" type="number" val={this.props.propertySummary.latitude} label={LabelMgr.getLabel('Latitude')} onChangeFormField={this.onChangeFormField.bind(this)} />
<Field component={FormField} name="longitude" type="number" val={this.props.propertySummary.longitude} label={LabelMgr.getLabel('Longitude')} onChangeFormField={this.onChangeFormField.bind(this)} />
<Button type="button" className="btn btn-primary btn-xs col-6" onClick={e => this.getGeocode(e)}>Where am I?</Button>
@nkt there?
Hi all
Jimmy Bway

hi all, i'm using react in an ordinary existing web page i've followed the explanation here


  • how to use the imports ? Is it possible ? Or all the JSX code as to remain in the same file messy code
  • can use node_module at all we have to use the CDN's ?
Gaurav Gupta
Guys, I've been working on React and built an Amazon clone using React, Redux, TypeScript, Firebase and Stripe. Checkout the demo here - https://clone-bab1f.web.app/
If you have any suggestions or you liked it or want to contribute then checkout the GitHub repo here - https://github.com/gauravgupta98/amazon-clone
Don't forget to give a star on the repo ;)
hello guys
i did hotstar clone spa by using react and redux i want to refactor to typescript
can any one help me please
While checking on the internet GitHub is down, I found something githubindia.com, Is it something new that GitHub India is cooking
Hi everyone,
I'm trying to do migrations in a project, and I'm getting this error: Value cannot be null. (Parameter 'connectionString')

how do i redirect to homepage after signout?

            render={() => {
              return null;

i am getting error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'push' of undefined

this chat is dead

I am trying to setup verify account with react and have the following in my App.js file


        <Route path='/verify-account?token=:token&email=:email' component={VerifyAccountPage} exact />

and in my VerifyAccountPage component have the following

import { Redirect } from 'react-router-dom';
import { useHistory } from 'react-router';
import { verifyAccount, isAuthenticated } from '../../utils/auth';

const VerifyAccount = () => {

  const { token, email } = this.props.match.params

but this is not working and when i go to the link https://mywebsite.com/verify-account?token=3heubek&email=user1@email.com nothing happens other than a 200 or 304 status code

no request is sent to the API so means that the params are not getting pulled out

can anyone point me to what is going on?

someone hel me
help me