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Arjun Pandi
Hi, Im new to React, i want to emulate the jquery add class remove class in reactjs. (i.e) i have a two div with content male and female. if i click male div it should add class active, and if i click female, the active class in male should remove and add to the female div.
Artem Devlysh
добрый день комрады!
а где можно задать вопрос о RabbitMQ и его работу со STOMP через браузер? у меня тут не получается запустить
Cassiano Surdi Franco
For those who like react and/or ruby give a look on Imba
It performs REALY well!
I did this using it
The community is small but very receptive
Give a try!
Ravi Vasoya
hi, I'm migrating my project from angular to react.
I've used handlebars template.
My question is that should I keep handlebar template and migration to React is possible or should I go with JSX ?
Bhoomi Khanderia
HI there! I am working on a react-redux(thunk middleware) project and I am stuck. Is there anyone who can have a look in my code and help me? Thanks
@bhoomikhanderia where are you stuck at?
ajay yadav
here i want to show to my file in pdf or doc formate so here is pdf is working fine but in Doc it direct goto downloaded
<Iframe src={this.state.file} width="450px" height="600px" />
can any one help me ,
Bhoomi Khanderia
@Puspendert Can I share my code?
Does anyone have simple login logout form using react redux-saga ? Any Github Link?
Javier Pons
hi folks,
I want to upload using react and node, express a js file to mongodb. Any link or best and simple tech to do it?
Javier Pons
any npm library?
@bhoomikhanderia Yes, plz share. I recently implemented a login logout in React using redux-saga
Also tell, where are you stuck at and what is the authentication mechanism you are using
Bhoomi Khanderia
HI @Puspendert ! Do you have github link to the login logout that you have done using react redux-saga? If Yes, can you please share?
Nope. I implemented it myself after following a hell lot of blogs. In starting it seems a lot difficult
@bhoomikhanderia Also, there are some better platforms you can ask for help
Reactiflux on Discord. Ask there. You will get prompt answers to your questions
Bhoomi Khanderia
@Puspendert Thank you! :)
Bhoomi Khanderia
Has anyone used Babel with Material-ui? I am getting this error : Uncaught ReferenceError: regeneratorRuntime is not defined. Can anyone please help?
Всем привет! Нужен совет опытных разработчиков. Я только начинаю осваивать реакт. В каком стиле привыкать писать компоненты (функции или классы) ? Мне, как ангулярщику, классы роднее, но в мануалах пока вижу больше компонентов на функциях. И custom hooks доступны только функциям. Я правильно понимаю, что классы в реакте отживают свое и лучше сразу писать все на функциях?
Vlad Shcherbin
@EugeneSnihovsky всё верно
I am mapping array of objects. and also displaying obj.quantity on browser
I am also passing obj in addQuantity(obj) and subQuantity(obj)
However increment and decrement of quantity is not reflected on browser that obj.quantity
Ryan Leulmi
hello guys I want to limit the amount of times onscroll event is triggered to execute a get request when the user reaches the bottom of the page
any idea?
the function im currently using gets like 3-10 pages when i scroll to the bottom which is no ideal

Hello! I hope someone helps me.
I can't solve autoUpdate for Mac OS platform.
There are some events for autoUpdate:

1) checking-for-update
2) update-available
3) download-progress
4) update-downloaded

For win-10, everything works. For Mac-OS, the 4th item does not work and the error message "could not get code signature for running application" is displayed.
The problem is with this https://electronjs.org/docs/tutorial/code-signing
I tried for example from here to use http://flummox-engineering.blogspot.com/2018/12/electron-builder-codesign-specified-item-could-not-be-found-in-the-keychain.html but does not help.

Omid Nikrah
Hi :v:, I make an application that can help you to calculate your working time If you are remote or hourly paid worker.
I would be happy to hear your comments and suggestions.
Ahmed Rebai
please in English ! heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey
I am looking a react carousel. Where I can display more than one images at a time using map function iteration.
Marco Silvestroni
@abhigk I'used react-responsive -carousel that's great https://www.npmjs.com/package/react-responsive-carousel
Suraj Gupta
Hello I need some help regarding react component, can anyone give me some kisckstart about how can I use react component in plain html pages, I have created a sample component using this - https://neutrinojs.org/packages/react-components/
Dinesh Kumar
I need some help with react build
I had my react app using npm run build
but when I deployed it to s3 and I open it in my browser I am able to see all my folder structure of components and even the code .
Can someone suggest me with a good and secure practice for building a react app
ULEARN - LMS script built on Laravel 5.8 and React JS 16.4
  • An application similar to udemy with all the basic features that needed for Learning Management System(LMS), which is completely available as an open source at GitHub.
Dinesh Kumar
@ulearnpro I guess you should further work on your website most of the things either non functional or they have sample data :)
@Dinesh5799 I am posting only the script and it won't have original course contents..
Anyone plans to host a LMS, they can use this script and upload their own courses..
Being an open source project, it have covered all the basic features as much as possible..
Could you list the functions, that doesn't work..
Dinesh Kumar
Sorry @ulearnpro I was not aware that it was an open source script. In that case it's good to go.
Thanks @Dinesh5799
hi there! I have an react app built by someone else. I get an error on oauth0. how to debug it? any tips?
i mean what can i use for debugging such issues? never done it before