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Daniel Shamany
Also, in the last screenshot, that's where you can import react-native-device-info unless it's server side
Alternatively, inside the body of your fetch request, you can add deviceId to the body.
@dshamany yes i need to pass the uniqueDeviceID from react native to the tokenStrategy callback. How can i do that? is it possible to append it to the profile?
const res = await`/auth/facebook/token?access_token=${tokenData.accessToken}&uniqueDeviceID=${DeviceInfo.getUniqueId()}`);
Dinesh Singh

Hey, guys!
I've question related to "best way to do ... "


const ActivityContainer = () => {

    const dispatch = useDispatch();

    const getActivity = () => {
            type: ACTIVITY_PAGE_LOADED,
            payload: Promise.all([agent.Activity.get()])    // Fetching data and settings response data in redux state

    const clearActivity = () => {
            type: ACTIVITY_PAGE_UNLOADED

    useEffect(() => {

        return () => clearActivity();
        // eslint-disable-next-line
    }, [])

    return <ActivityList />  // Not using the redux store for list data to pass it as props


const ActivityList = () => {

    const activityList = useSelector(state => state.activity.activity)   // using redux store here to get list instead of using props 

    return <Card>
            activity => <Activity key={activity.ID} data={activity} />

Please read the comments ..
Dinesh Singh
Currently, I'm fetching data in ActivityContainer.js and settings this in the store.
Should i pass the data as props to the <ActivityList> or use the useSelector() hook to get list from the store inside ActivityList.js as shown in the code.
2 replies
Is server-side rendering of HTML and sending HTML response is the best practice or making the front-end to manipulate the data ???
Hello everyone. I want to use reactjs instead of laravel blade. But I don't know how to check authentication in reactjs. Please help me.
Screenshot from 2020-05-22 19-11-58.png
im tring to use useState in my one component but i get this error
but same thing i did in another component and its work
ty for helping i got it
my function name format is wrong
Daniel Shamany
@LxKev Sorry for the late reply. Do you still have the problem?
Hello Guys, its more like javascript question but i am using nodejs. I am filtering from an object array. as i am using multi select dropdown, i am using includes command. following is the example
universalFilter= AllNews.filter((
{ AuthorName,Category,MonthPublished }) =>
&& selectCategories.includes(Category) && MonthPublished===selectYear
Now when Selected Authors or Categories are null, How do i accommodate in the above filter? There could be scenario when there wouldnt be any author selected but will have some categories selected.
5 replies
Tushar Gupta

Hi All, I started Learning React.js during this quarantine days.

In the process of making small projects learned a lot, Hooks makes react so simple, yet so powerful.
I've found my new love React.js and now I'm committed to improving this repo as my learning goes.

If you find this project interesting show your love by staring, forking, and creating issues.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated


1 reply
@dshamany Thanks Daniel :)
Louis Law

Hi all, I am new both here and react.
May I know is it possible to use some generator pattern when I use hooks ?
const hooks array = _.range(10).map( x => useXXXX() )

When I try to use the implement like above. The transpiler get error.

Rishabh Sharma
any good source to learn how to pass state as props to child components in react js . i am using functional components.
Shivam Chawla
hey what is the TS definition for react statless component such that I can wrap other components within it.
I am trying to create a Layout component for my site which will have header and footer.
eg: <Layout> <page1></Layout>

Hi All, I started Learning React.js half a year ago.
during the quarantine i started a new project building a YouTube clone.

I learn a lot from this project and i am proud of it.

If you find this project interesting show your love by staring, forking, and creating issues.

github repo:
Working Prototype:

Note: you will need a YouTube v3 api key (you can get it from google api).

This junior will love to hear your opinion.

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Rasel Mahmud
imageData replaced with the latest array
but i would like to store all array in imageData
ajay yadav
let obj =[ {
"ACC_Kategorie": "Not LTE"
"Dim_Beauftragungsform": "missing"
"GU7/GU8": "GU7"
"GU_Projekt": "ZTE"
"Gebäudeart": "Bürohaus"
"Ist_month": 1
any one help
now i want to update value of ACC_Kategorie key hw to do ,all key are dynamic
Hi, is it safe to set refresh token to redux state for persistent session in React Native?
Any help would be appreciated.
Rahul Bhatia
Hi folks, for those looking for a clean and elegant design portfolio, built in React, you can checkout my repo
it already has more than 200 stars and 36000 visits
Hope it helps!
Hi folks, Can I know how to display countries and states dropdown in react using material.ui
Hi guys, how can I replace react hooks reducer and contex witkh redux
Benoît Tallandier
Hey guys 👋
We release the first open source version of Twake. It is a collaborative platform to improve teamwork that brings together chat, drive, team calendar, kanban board in one place.
It is built in React. We would like to have your opinion and your support :star2: (leave a star if you like the project )
<Route path> not passing props like match and location in child element.. I have to use withRouter
I'm curious to hear what are you using to test your React apps on Safari and Internet Explorer.
Seyidna Ali
hello everyone
how to create custom notificated in reactjs
Seyidna Ali
is it possible to display this notification only once? is in one session
for example, if a user has ordered a sandwich, the administration dashboard will trigger a notification for 40 seconds at the time of the administration visit, and if the command is not processed, the notification is no longer displayed, it will be automatically classified in the nail later
Hi, how to Re-Export Multiple Named Export and Multiple Default Export in index.js?
How to override materialize css files
Hi, does FooterTab supports lazy load? is there a difference in performance between React Navigation createBottomTabNavigator and Native-Base FooterTab?
Hi, how to disable the start screen in react native? Does the start screen appear in production mode?
Hi, how to set responsive logo in android splash screen in react-native-splash-screen?
how to add pan control in react-pdf