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Nov 2015
Chinmay Pendharkar
Nov 21 2015 01:52
Quick update. The WebAudio Hack Day is in lvl 9 of Robinson Point. It's still SkyScanners office just a different floor. And we already have signs
Nov 21 2015 01:57
edit: sigh.
Chinmay Pendharkar
Nov 21 2015 14:50
For those who attended the WebAudio Hack Day, please PR with your projects..
Tan Shiaw Uen
Nov 21 2015 15:42 this video seem to have some similarity on some of the points that @timoxley discussed in his talk, what do you guys think?
Joshua Koo
Nov 21 2015 16:32
An unfortunate clash with KopiJS later but if anybody wants to have nasi lemak lunch with Simon and Mathieu aka p01 check out ;)
Or actually please go support lim kopi first then grab taxi come find us :)
Valentine C
Nov 21 2015 17:17
@zz85 makes more sense to go listen first then lim kopi 😏