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Repo info
    John Gerryts
    @jorisbontje No, I do have an image, however its a little old now...
    You can find it here: http://ethembedded.com/?page_id=102
    In fact I need to update all my images very very soon.
    Joris Bontje
    @phonikg do you have ARM build instructions? I just got my Pi3’s shipped, so anxious to give it a try
    John Gerryts
    If you are looking to build geth then https://www.github.com/EthEmbedded is still valid
    If you are only looking for parity build, I will need to tidy up my notes and share.
    Alternately @jorisbontje you can follow up here: https://github.com/ethcore/parity/issues/266#issuecomment-215110405
    Bob Summerwill
    Hey, @phonikg. http://ethdocs.org. You know you want to :-)
    John Gerryts
    LMAO... I applaud your efforts @bobsummerwill :) Life is crazy busy right now, but I have not completely forgotten!
    Bob Summerwill
    How about this? When I find the time to finally get eth working on my Gear S2 smartwatch, you have to find the time to get the EthEmbedded instructions integrated into ethdocs? Is it a deal? Blood-brothers pact?
    John Gerryts
    Agreed! (unless you have a huge block of time this coming week/weekend, which I do not) :)
    Bob Summerwill
    I am on vacation in the UK for 3 weeks, and hope to actually spend time geeking on my own stuff. Hopefully.
    John Gerryts
    Nice, enjoy yourself... need to avoid the burnout.
    oh what, i had no idea this chan existed
    John Gerryts
    Yeah, @w-eth set it up post-skype chan
    Welcome @jarradh !
    @phonikg !
    Who can tell. can we get more pools and to combine them between themselves, that worked as a whole, and statistics are displayed on one interface?
    David Rojas Camaggi
    Hi, is there any document about how to make proposals?
    John Gerryts
    I don't think there has ever been a specific tutorial, or even guidelines for that matter. When I applied originally, I just used a project/proposal template to begin, and then had someone put another set of eyes on it.
    Luke Shipley
    Hey, is the DEVgrants programme still running?

    Hey, whatś up? I recently started running Geth on a Raspberry Pi 2 following the tutorials provided by Ethembedded.com.

    They provide a Raspi2/3 Geth (Go Ethereum) 1.4.10 image. I can run the node, interact with it, create accounts, send transactions, etc. Works fine.

    But I am experiencing an error everytime I try to apt-get update or install new packages, such as Node.js or Npm. When I try to apt-get update it will wait a long time for headers and in the end it shows me a lot of 404 errors, so I'm unable to update. When I try to install node or npm, it will suggest me to run apt-get update --fix-missing, but the command line returns the same 404 errors, failing to fetch. What am I doing wrong?

    Verdi Grant
    Hello everyone, I am new on this community. Anyone know if there have any public platform chain providing grant funding to the developers? (except bitcoin and eth)
    Hello, does the list of past grantee is available ? or can i contact someone to verify if a project/team is a grantee ?
    this gitter looks depecrated
    William Entriken

    I believe that list is not publicly available and I recall seeing something published on the decision for that.

    However if you made a list of people that did NOT receive grants, then I can tell you I wouldn't be on that list.

    Sam Lavery
    nor I, sir William