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Jun 2016
Dvora R
Jun 07 2016 13:10
Hello, I just joined. I'm an FCC camper who has finished the HTML-CSS, Bootstrap & jQuery sections. I'm going to set up my beginning CodePen pages, and spend some time 'off trail' learning Python and Ruby, reading books, going to conferences, and generally trying to get better understanding of what I'm doing. Another thing will be to take some other free courses - CodeAcademy and others - and get more practice, so I'm more quick and self confident about what I'm doing. Also, I'm going to put up some 'real' websites - not just CodePens - for practice & portfolio, learn a little about design, and hang out in the FCC chat room to be a helper. Faster could just get me to be someone who finishes the program, and isn't competitive enough to get hired.
Alexandro Perez
Jun 07 2016 19:38
Hi Dora, you seem to have a great plan. I'd like to suggest that you actually focus on finishing the FCC curriculum, and put all that learning in second priority. I say that, because what you describe is exactly what I've been doing for months, and I just keep finding more and more relevant tech to learn and way off trail. One of the advantages of learning a specific stack of technologies first is that once you get the basics (which is exactly the aim of FCC's curriculum) you can learn other techs way faster.
Now of course different people can take different approaches more effectively, but when not sure you can handle the 'endless' amount of stuff you have to learn, is best to make a priority to follow some sort of guide.
Alexandro Perez
Jun 07 2016 19:46
And for when you have time to play around with other techs, this community will be here to help you with that. The Github project contribution and events like meetups and conferences sections we have planned will be great for any of the topics you mentioned