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Jun 2016
Stella Pelagatti
Jun 16 2016 12:43
Hello all! My name is Stella, I´m UI/UX Designer and I found this room througt the post from Alexandro in Design+Code
I want to improve my skills and I can´t decide if would be better to learn Swift or Webflow... I think that the future is in mobile apps, but... which one do you recommend me? I´m really enjoying Design+Code book, but I need to learn something that will be useful for me :worried:
Jun 16 2016 15:23
Hello , just saw @AlexandroPerez post and would love to help work on the app. Still learning to code, so not the most experience, but I'd love to be able to work collaboratively on a project since I've been teaching myself to code on my own and don't know any other programmers.
Alexandro Perez
Jun 16 2016 17:48
@stellapelagatti if you already have the design+code book I'd suggest you finish it first and then move on to learn other things that interest you. I believe that means to focus your learning in swift and sketch. If you want to help on this and in future projects we can help you learn more about git/Github, and whatever design principles we may know.
Most of us are still newbies, but the purpose of this collaboration projects is to learn
Alexandro Perez
Jun 16 2016 17:56
@Moocow89 welcome! Most of us are new to coding, and we are working on this project to help bring together people that wants to improve their learning experience and gain collaboration skills along the way. We'll be using Github so if you don't know how to use it yet let me know so I can post some links and help you if needed
Jun 16 2016 18:01
Jun 16 2016 19:55
hi , I just start my new journey with nodejs and need to gain more experience in real project :)